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July 8, 2016

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Did the week go by as quickly for you as it did for me? I feel like just yesterday I was getting my lazy-girl on & sipping mimosas in my sweatpants (not much was accomplished last weekend, truth be told). The temperatures are up, but this weekend my fiancĂ© (that's so fun to say!) & I are planning on biking lots & taking the dog on long walks in the evenings. We're trying out this new thing where we bike to get groceries rather than drive. Sadly it takes the dreaded "shopping while you're hungry" thing to the next level. However, it feels really great to knock something off the to-do list while also getting a workout. 


No happy thoughts today, in light of recent events. My heart is heavy. I feel all of these words. I would like for things to change now, thank you very much.



P.S. If you're feeling the mid-summer slump, perk yourself up with one of these motivational phone wallpapers.


  1. sweatpants and mimosas sounds like such an excellent idea.
    ditto the beyonce link--can she be in charge of everything?
    sending love xoxox

    1. BeyoncĂ© for president! Wishing I was in my sweatpants already. Hope you're taking care of yourself. ❤️


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