July 25, 2016

out & about | brunch

Brunch photoshoot in the northeast
No lie, I love brunch. I know it's utterly basic of me, but breakfast food surpasses all else & mimosas are too delicious. It also doesn't help my brunch-lust that we have so many tasty options in the city (Aster Cafe on the north side being our destination during this trip). Fortunately I'm not alone. Everyone here celebrates brunch time. It's a ghost-town around here on Sunday morning, but go to a place serving eggs & bacon & it's a madhouse. Before chowing down with the locals, Heather & I wandered around down by the river & took a few snapshots. 
Denim, black skinnies, & sunnies.
I love this girl.
One of my favorite parts of Minneapolis is the northeast. Yeah, I love my neighborhood, but if I had all the money in the world I'd totally move down by the Mississippi river. There are too many cute shops, coffee houses, & brunch options for days. 
Comfy denim, curly hair - brunch-ready.
Heather & m.e. of We Can Make Anything
Can I tell you how excited I am that denim in back in style? I will gladly revisit the fashion of the 90s in any decade. This shirt is so comfortable I wear it twice once a week. Sometimes even donning the oh-so-chic Canadian tuxedo (yikes).
Dapper details
Also, if I could boast about Heather's shoe-game for a minute. For a girl with teeny feet, she really does work some magic when it comes to finding dapper footwear. 
Cool as a cucumber
What we're wearing:
m.e. | denim top: h&m (no longer available, but it's close to this one) | skinny jeans: target | shoes: dsw | sunglasses: pride swag from last year
heather | polo: target | jeans: denizen | hat: new era | watch: kenneth cole | shoes: a+


P.S. Speaking of skinny jeans - check out this old-as-dirt tutorial on how to make your own.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE. Sorry for the shouts, but really, y'all are beautiful and these are marvelous.

    1. Aww, thanks girl. Heather's the one who does wonders with that camera & makes me look slightly less dorky than I actually am!