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August 17, 2016

"but first, coffee" iphone wallpaper

Free iPhone wallpaper. But first, coffee!
You know those quizzes on Buzzfeed that ask weird questions & give you even weirder answers? Like you'll pick between a picture of a puppy in a sweater or a kitten in a sweater, & then they'll tell you what city you'll retire to (who even comes up with this stuff & where can I sign up? #dreamjob). Anyways, Heather takes these quizzes all the time, & the other night she was having me take one that was all about coffee. I don't remember the question exactly, but it was something like: "Pick a word that describes the perfect cup of coffee." The options were things like energizing, invigorating, or nourishing. I picked calming. Which I quickly realized was the opposite of what caffeine is supposed to do. Coffee = energy. The word "calm" is supposed to be associated with things like chamomile tea, or meditation, or petting fluffy cats.

But on further reflection, coffee is calming - for me anyway. It's my calming jam. It's the steadfast moment of my mornings. It's the delicious little guarantee of my day. I'm not a spiritual person, so the routine of that first cup is the closest thing I get to a ritual. I like it. I like that minute in the morning with my cuppa joe on my walk to work. It's my time. It's calm. 
Be amazing today. But first, coffee. Downloadable iPhone wallpaper.
Click here to download this wallpaper.

To use it, get on your phone & click the link above to open the wallpaper. Press down on the image until you're prompted to save it. Save & set as wallpaper!
Download this iPhone background. "Okay, but first - coffee."
What about you -what's your ritual? What's your steadfast moment in your day?


P.S. Express-o your love of coffee (& cats & cardigans) with this free sampler template.

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