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August 5, 2016

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Beautiful donuts from Spoon & Stable in Minneapolis, MN
Instagram @wecanmakeanything | Twitter @wcmanything

Can you believe it's August already? Summer is almost gone. Soon we'll have to say goodbye to shorts, tank tops, mosquitoes, & constantly being sweaty, & hello to cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and fiery colored leaves. Am I excited for fall? You betcha. In the meantime though I am certainly trying to soak up every minute of these lovely long days. I've been trying to be better about getting enough exercise/outdoors time, especially while the weather is still nice. We're still doing a lot of biking, and I've been able to take the dog on longer walks after work during the week. She definitely loves it more than I do, which is encouragement enough to get my butt in motion.


Instagram is now Snapchat or whatever, which is great for me because I've been dragging my feet on creating a Snapchat account! So you may or may not see my pretty face live in action (okay let's be honest I'll probably just take video of my cat). Another happy thought: I'm alive in an era where a female can be nominated for US presidency (#itsabouttime).



P.S. I'm almost out of pages in this shopping list printable I made a year ago! Time to print some more.


  1. Happy weekend to you and to Heather!
    (Joe Biden rules, he rules so hard--ditto Hillz as our future president, am so hopeful.)
    ps. Patti Smith's favorite things--ahhhhh, so good.

    1. Happy weekend! Lots of good vibes coming your way - good luck with the move!

    2. thank you, friend!!!
      ps. another amazing collection/photo i thought of you when i came across it today:


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