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August 12, 2016

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Hello, Friday-loving folks. Welcome to the weekend. You made it!

I don't really have anything on my to-do list for the weekend. Not that there aren't things to do, but rather that I haven't written them down or thought about them. Which is a problem. I can't be alone in this: when I don't make an actual list of what I want to happen over the weekend, nothing happens over the weekend! To-do list, here I come. I know I need to start working on my wedding dress, but I'm feeling apprehensive. What if it turns out to be a total & utter disaster? I was lamenting to Heather about my anxiety over the situation, & she had the brilliant idea to make a "trial run." Basically use the pattern I have & make the dress out of muslin first to see if I even like the shape of it. She's a genius, & that's why I'm marrying her.


Heather & I have officially secured a reception space for our wedding after-party. Happiest of thoughts, collective sigh of relief. It feels really good to get the bigger tasks of wedding planning accomplished so attention can be given to the fun little details. I'm puffing about this like I had anything to do with it - Heather is our wedding-planner extraordinaire & did all the grunt work on this one. I just get to reap the benefits. 



P.S. Summer is almost over, but there's still time for some seasonal-inspired DIYs.


  1. Engagement photos yea! Lots of the wedding packages include engagement photos. And you get to practice working with the photographer and all and you can take pictures that reflect your everyday life.

    1. Thanks Court! I'm totally drawn to the idea of getting a "test run" photography shoot before the wedding. Oof, so many pre-wedding choices!

  2. can you hear me cheering with joy from florida for you two, because I am, I am! I also love Heather's idea about a test run for your dress--great way to do a dry run.
    hugs to you both!

    also: that pie. eyes are hearts.

    1. You made it to Florida! Happy times! 1. Test run dress is in process, Heather is TOO SMART. 2. That pie was the highlight of my weekend.


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