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August 15, 2016

too cool | back to school

Must haves for the new semester
I've been out of school for a hot minute now. In fact, it was when I graduated that I began blogging. I don't think I started blogging because I missed school, but rather that I needed something to fill the time that school took up. I think it's important for a happy mind to have multiple passions. As we get closer to the start of a new semester, I'm reminded of all the joys & stresses that came with being a student. All-nighters, last-minute deadlines, & flash cards for days. If I were going back to school this fall, here's all the cute stuff I'd get. From left to right:

1. s'ip water bottle | 2. sugar paper planner | 3. pencil case (by my boy berkus) | 4. pencils | 5. "oops" eraser | 6. weekender watch | 7. backpack (presh) | 8. instal-film camera (because college goes by in a flash)


P.S. Don't let your college budget get you down - decorate your dorm on the cheap with this DIY wall art.

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  1. glad i am not the not the only one who fondly thinks about backpacks and school supplies this time of year (regardless of not having classes to get to!)

    1. Right? I kind of miss needing a pencil case...


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