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September 26, 2016

how to | propagate succulents

How to propagate succulents
What's better than one sweet succulent plant on your windowsill? Two succulents, duh! Or three, or four. I'm going to be honest - now that I've figured out how to propagate succulents, I'm not gonna stop. I'm just going to have a house full of plants (#plantladyisthenewcatlady). This plant here was my first attempt at propagating succulents, & I've already got a second one underway & showing adorable little roots. It's seriously exciting, especially after undergoing a streak of killing every succulent I purchased (like all of these poor babies). Propagating is my new favorite thing, & I had no idea it was even an option before I found out about it. I came across a post via Pinterest & was like, "Whaa? No way." But yes way. You can grow lots of little baby plants with your big mama plant. I'm convinced it's magic. 
If you have one succulent, you can have lots of succulents! Make more at home by propagating your plant.
First you'll need to collect leaves from your original succulent plant. The best leaves are the ones that easily give way as you pull them from the plant. Their stems should come off cleanly, like the ones in the above picture. Next, let the stems callous over. Place your leaves on a paper towel in good light (like a windowsill) for a few days to a week, until the ends of the stems are callous. 
Tiny baby roots from cut succulent leaves
Once your leaves are ready, lay them in damp soil. Choose soil that is made for succulents & cacti (i.e. quick-draining soil). Keep the soil damp as the roots take root. It will take days or weeks for the leaves to begin to sprout mini-leaves of their own. 
From old succulent leaves come new plants - learn how to propagate succulents at home
Over time the original leaves will wither away, letting the new plants take root. 
How to grow succulents
Ta da! New plants! Plus the pride of being a new plant mama.


P.S. Jazz up your new succulent with some cleverly painted clay pots

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  1. I can get my to propagate, but then they don't seem to grow any larger than tiny. Is there a trick to get them to keep growing?

    1. This is my first time around on the whole propagating thing (so I'm by no means an expert), but once my little leaves rooted I bumped up their water intake. I also moved them to a much sunnier location since they were at that point strong enough. Good luck!


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