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October 19, 2016

midwest exploring + cozy crochet cowl

Autumn in Minnesota
Cozy crocheted cowl
I want to be outside all the time. ALL THE TIME. It is just so dang PRETTY outside. This past weekend we went for a nice little hike at Minnehaha falls (Re: these frozen snapshots from last winter), which is conveniently sandwiched between us & Saint Paul, Minnesota. All I felt was a massive sense of fortune as we were hiking around, "ooh-ing" & "ahh-ing" at all the vibrant colors in the trees. I'm so lucky to live here! I thought I might regret moving to a place that's so land-locked, maybe that I'd feel trapped somehow. Nope. Not missing having a coastline, even a little bit. Besides, this is the land of 10,000 lakes, people! Plus rivers & waterfalls to boot. Technically it's the land of 11,842 lakes, which would make for a less-catchy tagline. Either way. Gorgeous weather, gorgeous trees, gorgeous leaves. Plus it was just chilly enough for me to wear this cozy cowl I finished up the other day. Which, by the way, can be completed in the time it takes to watch two presidential debates.
Minnehaha falls (Minneapolis, MN)
Dang, Minnesota. You cute. 

If you do have a few hours to spare, this is a super simple cowl which uses the same knit-lookalike stitch I previously used to make boot cuffs last autumn. Although if you do have a few extra hours in your day, I would highly recommend just going outside & embracing the change of the seasons. Except for my southern friends. I hear it's still in the 90s down there, & I'm weeping for y'all.
Quick & easy scarf for colder days
To make your own comfortable cowl, follow the pattern below.

  • This cowl is made from two strands of yarn. Begin by unrolling your skein & dividing it up into two balls of yarn. 
  • Row 1: Ch 27.
  • Row 2: Ch 2, turn. Dc 27.
  • Row 3: Ch 2, turn. Dc into the front of the stitch in row 2 (I'll be referring to this as a knit-stitch. Click here to see what it looks like). Repeat 26 more times.
  • Row 4: Ch 2, turn. Knit-stitch into the back of the stitch in row 3. Repeat 26 times. 
  • Row 5-100: Repeat rows 3 & 4, alternately knit-stitching into the front & the back of the previous row. 
  • Finishing: With wrong side out, align the beginning of the cowl with the end. Slip stitch in each stitch to stitch across. Tie off.
Minnesota wilderness
Ready for fall.
Autumn, please stay for a long, long time.


P.S. If crocheting isn't your thing, try this no-knit / no-crochet cowl.


  1. look how long your hair is!

  2. These pictures are glorious!!! Hooray for autumn.

    1. Hooray! Sending fall-ish thoughts (and colder breezes) your way!


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