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January 14, 2017

diy cat bed + curbly

So many things have been happening in my life lately. I've been working at Curbly for about a month now, and so far it's been a whirlwind experience. Even though my head is swimming at the end of each workday, being able to create content full time is a dream. Aside from work, I've been filling my spare moments with purging my life of stuff I don't need, drinking excessive hot cocoa, and working on my wedding dress (an update is coming soon, detailing the disaster that is boning) (that's what she said). It's too cold to do much of anything here in Minnesota, so aside from forcing myself to walk to work every day, I'm pretty much homebody-ing it up.

I wanted to share with you guys a little project I did for Curbly the other day. So back by popular demand my mother's request for more pictures of the cat, here's Donut showcasing this quick and easy DIY cat bed. See the full tutorial on!


P.S. In the spirit of New Years, you should check out this free template for a DIY weekly planner.


  1. Getting all caught up on your lovely life/blog this morn. congratulations on the new job, that sounds ideal for you! I also cannot wait for your wedding dress update--sending lots of hugs to you both, always.

    1. Thanks Karen! It's always lovely to hear from you. xoxo!


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