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March 19, 2017

diy hanging planter | round two

DIY Hanging Planter
DIY Hanging Planter
I will be the first to say that I love winter. I love the snow, I love the cold. I thrive in it. I embrace it wholeheartedly. HOWEVER. It's now March and still freezing outside, and I'll admit - I'm getting a bit antsy for spring. Just a bit. Which might be the reason behind my current desire to absolutely fill our apartment with plants. I want them all, in my home, pronto. While I may not be great at interior design, even I know that plants liven a space up in a snap.

I'm still working on getting all the spider plants off the ground and away from the cat (see part one of my plant-hanging adventures for the reason why). There's at least one more that I need to move, plus the first plant (Grant) is sprouting off-shoots already. Thinking of putting a sign on the door that just says "Spider House." Here's a different way I made a DIY hanging planter. 
What you need to make this simple DIY hanging planter
What I used to hang my plant this time around was: 
  • A plastic planter (this time I bought a self-watering one because I'm a genius)
  • Clothesline rope (found at my local hardware store)
  • A drill 
  • A drill bit that's slightly larger in diameter than the rope
Drill holes in a plastic planter to hang plants
Around the top lip of the plastic planter, I drilled four holes. If the planter were a clock, I drilled at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock (basically all equidistant from each other). In order to create a clean, smooth hole, I never switched my drill in reverse. I drilled through the plastic, and kept the drill rotation the same as I pulled the drill bit back up and out of the plastic. This cleans up the drill hole as you remove the bit.
Using rope and a drill, I was able to turn this regular planter into a hanging one!
I cut two equal pieces of clothesline rope. Each piece was twice as long as I needed space to hang from hook to planter, plus the length it would take to go around the planter. Next, I fed one of the ropes through the back of one hole, down around the bottom of the planter, and through the front of the hole on the opposite side.
DIY Hanging Planter
I repeated the same process for the second rope, but on my way around the bottom I criss-crossed the ropes, going over-and-under the first rope with the second.
How to make a very simple hanging planter
Finally I gathered the ends of both ropes together, tied a knot about 2.5 feet up, and then tied a second knot about 5 inches above that. 
DIY Hanging Planter
I had to use a hot mess of Command hooks to hold this sucker up. Normally I'd just use a hook screw, but since this is a rental, I didn't want to damage the shelving that was here when we moved in.
DIY Hanging Planter
As you can see this little guy is still a baby. I'm hoping it'll grow into the space I've given it. 
DIY Hanging Planter

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