April 23, 2017

plant notes printable

Keep track of your greens with this printable plant notes sheet
Plant Notes Printable
Maybe the next post I write won't be about plants... okay maybe it will. I'm dealing with a plant crush right now. I boosted my indoor botanical gang recently (and wrote about it for Curbly), and now I have so many that I'm having difficulty keeping track of them all. Some houseplants need water once a week, some every other day. I really don't want to kill any of them, so I'm keeping a plant journal. I've made this plant notes sheet available to print - just click here to download.
Watering, sunlight, etc. - keep track of how to care for your plants with this printable
I love having all these plants in our home. They're so bright and happy, and make the place seem cozier. I don't have a super green thumb, but I'm SO DETERMINED not to kill any of these houseplants!


P.S. Are you a list-maker? I've got another printable for you then!