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July 29, 2017

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Well, hello there! How is everyone's summer going? Around here, the time has been full but rewarding, with as many moments being spent outside as possible. Heather has reignited her love of the open water (as seen here). The lakes make her nostalgic for her high school rowing days, so we're the kind of people who kayak now. It makes my arms and back ache but my head and heart happy. My bike is getting lots of fresh air, too, as we're discovering all sorts of trails and paths that we hadn't visited before. I'm trying to say "yes" more. I'm trying to spend my time effectively, productively, and wisely. I'm also drinking a lot of Lacroix, which is making me feel exceptionally basic but hydrated.


I usually put this kind of post out on Friday, but let's be honest, it's crazy that I'm writing anything AT ALL because I've kind of let We Can Make Anything fall to the wayside as my life changes and evolves. But this site is my first love, my cozy spot, my home, so I'm not letting go of her entirely. Have a sweet weekend, I'm off to buy a snake plant.


P.S. I keep track of the watering and lighting needs for all my plants by using this handy printable.

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