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August 26, 2017

how to pot succulents

How to properly pot succulents
Windowsill buddies. How to plant and care for succulents.
Whichever color is between brown and green (green-brown?), that is the color of my thumbs. I still have lots to learn about the plants I've brought into my home, but I've mastered some. Most of the tropical-type plants in my house are suffering my ignorance the hardest. I just love them so much and want to water them all the time! This, as it turns out, is the opposite of love. Of all the indoor greenery, I have the firmest grasp on succulents, and feel confident that I can share how to properly care for and pot succulents.
If you're a long-time reader, you know I figured out how to propagate succulents a while back. Since discovering this trick, I have propagated the same plant 2-3 times. I've also ended up with a few random succulents, plus my fiancée Heather's aloe plant that made the trek with us from Florida to Minneapolis. Essentially, there were a lot of random pots with random plants hanging in all the windows. I recently gathered them all up in a simple window box, and here's how I set them up in their new home.
What you need to properly pot succulents

You'll need: 

Step 1: Fill with rocks
When choosing a planter to pot succulents in, pick a low container, preferably with draining holes. Succulents hate sitting in water, so it's important that moisture can move through the soil and away from the roots of the plants. In the bottom of your planter, lay down a layer of pebbles. This will aid in proper drainage. 
Step 2: Fill with quick-draining soil
Next, fill the planter 3/4 of the way full with potting soil. I like using the quick-draining variety for added protection against root rot. 
Take your plants and shake any loose dirt from the roots. Arrange them inside the planter. Don't squish them down into the dirt, just lightly set them in place. You don't want to cause the dirt to be compacted, nor do you want to tussle the roots too much. 
Step 3: Fill with a variety of succulents
Fill in any empty space in the container with more potting soil. I added a handful of river rocks on the topsoil too, just because I thought they looked cute.
Grab the spray bottle full of filtered water, and mist your plants. I recommend using filtered water only, and here's why: tap water is full of fluoride, which is great for humans (it protects our teeth and makes them stronger), but bad for plants. I have made the switch to watering my plants entirely with filtered water, and the difference has been significant. Fluoride is harsh on plants, and if you've noticed the edges of your plants leaves turning yellow or brown, I would recommend making the switch*. I also recommend using a spray bottle, as it cuts down on the tendency to just completely soak plants. 
*When using filtered water, make sure the water is room-temperature before you spray your plants. Don't shock them with cold, Brita water from the fridge!
Happy plant gang.
How to fill a windowsill box with succulents
Succulents love bright light, so a windowsill it the optimal place for them. Make sure to water them frequently - I like to mist them 2-3 times per week, less in the winter. 
How to fill a windowsill box with succulents
My plant-loving home.
I keep finding ways to bring plants into the kitchen, and I think that's because it's my least favorite room in the apartment. These succulents are definitely cheering it up, though.


P.S. If you have a busy houseplant schedule to keep track of, use this free printable to-do template.

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