November 19, 2017

simple dog jacket | take two

Stylish dog jacket tutorial
Winter kind of bullied itself into our lives this year. After a thick and quick dumping of snow the weekend after Halloween, all the beautiful autumn leaves withered and browned, leaving the city bare and wintry. We packed up what little summer clothing we had out, and replaced the space in our drawers with knits, parkas, hats, and gloves. As I was pulling out the fleece coat that belongs to Doria (our dog), I got to thinking about how handy it would be to have more than one coat for her to wear. Two years ago I made her a simple coat from fleece fabric, and it's been awesome. It's easy to put on, it keeps her snug, and she looks super cute in it. When it rains, though, or is muddy out, there's no back-up coat for her to sport while the first one gets laundered. I spotted this double-layer poly material at the fabric store, and duplicated her first coat (with a couple minor adjustments!).
How to make a simple dog coat
Last time I made her a coat, I used fleece. This time, I'm using a polyester quilted fabric, which comes double-sided. I got mine at Jo-Ann Fabrics. It doesn't look like the kind I purchased is available online, but it was in the apparel section of the fabric department. Here's a comparable one from Jo-Ann's, and another option from Amazon. Basically, the fabric is double-sided, so I didn't double up on the fabric like I did with the first coat. 
Doria looking stylish in her DIY dog jacket

Modifications: The biggest different with this coat versus the last is that I eliminated the neck cuff by simply cutting the body of the jacket in a "T" shape (you can check that out below). After that, all I had to do was attach the belly straps, hem all sides (with double-sided fabric, this meant turning the edges in and sewing in place), and sew the neck cuff together. Note: While I cut the neck cuff at a right angle, I ended up sewing them together in more of a "V" formation so it would fit snugly against the dog's chest.
I also used sticky-backed Velcro this time, too. Pro tip: Turns out it's way easier to sew across adhesive Velcro than to try to pin and sew the non-adhesive type. I'm very excited to have found this out.
How to make a dog coat
I want to show you how well the jacket fits, but Doria was unwilling to pose while standing. So here's an unflattering angle I captured while she wasn't paying attention.
DIY dog coat from the side
Looking back at the pictures from the first tutorial, it blows my mind how many gray hairs have sprouted on her over the past two years. She's eleven years old, and has fully embraced her senior-status. After we went on this photoshoot walk, she promptly curled up on the couch for a winter's nap.
Letting this sleeping dog lie

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