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November 2, 2017

the dress | chapter 4.5 (these boots were made for weddin')

Six boots for the winter bride
Okay, folks. My DIY wedding dress is almost done, save for picking the length and hemming the bottom. Before I literally cut the bottom of my dress off (I'd be nervous about doing so, but there isn't really time), I need to know what shoes I'm wearing. 

What sort of shoes does one wear to a winter wedding?

I immediately gravitate towards boots, because of three factors:
1. It'll be wintertime, and I don't want to get pneumonia
2. I'm looking for a shoe with little to no heel so I'm not towering over my fiancée
3. I'm a casual kind of woman, and boots are comfortable

Other than setting my sights on some cute lil' booties, that's all the decision making I've done. Color, style, material, laces v no laces... that's all still up for discussion. So I'm putting it out there in the internet universe, hoping I'll get something back. Here are some ankle-lengths I'm currently eyeing:


- m.e.

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  1. Hum I vote for number4 because I don't like dark shoes for a wedding. And I like it best when they stop just beneath the ankle rather than above. But you will definitely get cold with these...

    1. I had that thought about stopping beneath the ankle, because it seems more fitting for a formal ceremony, but brr! I am slowly being convinced to abandon my love of black/gray footwear for this occasion. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Right? I just want a pair for everyday life.


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