January 15, 2018

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Life, Links: The beautiful aftermath of a day of snowfall

Happy Monday from the icebox that is Minneapolis. It's emergency-level cold today, but yesterday it was warm enough for snowfall. A couple lazy inches took all day to fall yesterday, blanketing everything in the process. It was the best kind of snow, too. The kind that muffles every errant sound and forces the city to go into slo-mo. The kind that actually sparkles like glitter. The kind that crunches under your feet.
I have a lot to blog about (i.e. wedding dresses), but my head feels to scattered to do that today. Instead, here are some interesting reads. Today is MLK day, which means it's sort of still the weekend. For some, anyway. Which is why I don't feel weird sharing this type of post today, where I'd normally just save it for Friday. But running late seems appropriate in this weather. Here are some fun things I found around the internet this week:


Life and links | A red car in a Minnesota snowstorm
Martin Luther King, Jr. did not have an easy life. He did not have an easy death. Somehow, he left in this world a multitude of inspiring thoughts and quotes. Look some of them up today, because they apply now more than ever. Here's my favorite one: "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear."

- m.e.

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  1. totally love that quote, and I agree 100%