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I'm M.E. - short for Mary Elayne. 

I like to create. I always have, I'm pretty sure I always will.

I spend my days in Minneapolis, MN with my wonderful photographer wife Heather, and our cat Donut & dog Doria. I'm living my dream making and writing for (click here to see my work). Coffee is queen, and the future is female. Welcome to We Can Make Anything, where I believe that if you set your mind to it, you can do it.


Making. Doing. Crafting. Building. Planning. Failing. Accomplishing. Learning. Living. Loving. Trying. Being. Anything. Everything. All the stuff in between.

If you are the type who thinks, "Couldn't I just make this myself??" then you're in good company here.

If you're interested in hitting us up, we can be reached via the following ways:
Check out Heather's professional work (she's the camera-boss) at, or on Instagram @hbomb.mpls

All content used on this site are copyrighted by Mary Elayne Gray & Heather Gray Photography. If you would like to feature our work, you may publish 1-2 of our photos but must credit & link to Excess images & content may not be used without written permission.  

All opinions expressed on this site are ours. If you see an affiliate link it's because we really like a product & want you to hear about it too!

If you want to collaborate, sponsor, or just have a question, please contact us at wcmanything at gmail dot com.

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