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September 26, 2016

how to | propagate succulents

How to propagate succulents
What's better than one sweet succulent plant on your windowsill? Two succulents, duh! Or three, or four. I'm going to be honest - now that I've figured out how to propagate succulents, I'm not gonna stop. I'm just going to have a house full of plants (#plantladyisthenewcatlady). This plant here was my first attempt at propagating succulents, & I've already got a second one underway & showing adorable little roots. It's seriously exciting, especially after undergoing a streak of killing every succulent I purchased (like all of these poor babies). Propagating is my new favorite thing, & I had no idea it was even an option before I found out about it. I came across a post via Pinterest & was like, "Whaa? No way." But yes way. You can grow lots of little baby plants with your big mama plant. I'm convinced it's magic. 
If you have one succulent, you can have lots of succulents! Make more at home by propagating your plant.
First you'll need to collect leaves from your original succulent plant. The best leaves are the ones that easily give way as you pull them from the plant. Their stems should come off cleanly, like the ones in the above picture. Next, let the stems callous over. Place your leaves on a paper towel in good light (like a windowsill) for a few days to a week, until the ends of the stems are callous. 
Tiny baby roots from cut succulent leaves
Once your leaves are ready, lay them in damp soil. Choose soil that is made for succulents & cacti (i.e. quick-draining soil). Keep the soil damp as the roots take root. It will take days or weeks for the leaves to begin to sprout mini-leaves of their own. 
From old succulent leaves come new plants - learn how to propagate succulents at home
Over time the original leaves will wither away, letting the new plants take root. 
How to grow succulents
Ta da! New plants! Plus the pride of being a new plant mama.


P.S. Jazz up your new succulent with some cleverly painted clay pots

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September 16, 2016

life | links

Instagram @wecanmakeanything | Twitter @wcmanything

Hey gang. Guess what? It's Friday. I'm so tired pumped. I've got lots of projects I want to tackle this weekend, along with some adult-y chore type things, & drink dates with friends. What's on your docket?


Pumpkin is back on the menu so I can make mini pumpkin cheesecakes without regret (yeah, I'm running full force into fall). The pup turned 10 yesterday, so we showered her with treats & a new toy which she immediately ripped to shreds with glee. Plus we got to see Heather's all-time favorite band Tegan & Sara perform this week! 



September 12, 2016

before & after | dining nook chairs

Before & After | Dining Nook Chairs
Short-backed dining chairs with contrasting buttons. See the before & after!
Happy Monday, internet friends!

If you're following me on Instagram you may have seen my Stories about this makeover project. There are two major things that I learned in the process of recovering these little cuties. #1: I learned how to remove & replace wood furniture plugs (more on that below). #2: I learned that under no circumstances should I ever try to operate a staple gun inside a two-bedroom apartment. Ever. It was raining the day I wanted to work on these chairs, & I got impatient so I tried to work inside. You guys - it was so loud. SO. LOUD. I'm really surprised my neighbors didn't call the cops because it sounded like a gun going off. Lesson learned. I also learned that if you have to work outside but don't have a yard or a balcony that you can use the back of your car. This whole project was truly a growing experience. 
Before and After - A pair of chairs gets revamped
Heather & I picked up these chairs at our favorite vintage furniture store while they were having a clear-out-the-warehouse sale. We've been keeping an eye out for little chairs to go with our little table that serves as our little dining area. I say "little" because our apartment is small & the only space to set up a dining nook was along a wall in our living room. These chairs were perfect, affordable, & adorable. The wood is in beautiful condition, but neither Heather nor I was feeling the worn black vinyl action happening on the cushions. 
When reupholstering furniture, use the old fabric to a pattern
Here's what we did:

The seats of the chairs were screwed to the frame, so we removed those. Then we pried all the old staples from the bottom of the seat cushion, cut new fabric to match the size of the old fabric, & re-stapled the new fabric in place (basically the exact same process we used when recovering Heather's desk chair). The cushions & the underlining fabric on these chairs were in really good shape, so we reused those materials. The seats were easy, it was the seat backs that required some finagling. They were screwed to the frame of the chair behind wood plugs.
How to remove wood plugs in furniture
Removing these plugs (or buttons as they're sometimes called) wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it'd be. Here's how we did it:
  1. Grab your power drill & use a drill bit that is smaller than the plug.
  2. Drill directly in the center of the wood plug until you hit the screw behind it.
  3. Reverse the direction of your power drill, pulling the wood plug out as you go. 
  4. If any remnants of the plug remain, you can pry them out with a flathead screwdriver, using a hammer at the backend of the screwdriver to chisel the pieces away. 
Before & after dining chairs
With the plugs removed, we were able to unscrew the seat backs from the frame & recover them like we did the seats. Rather than stain new plugs to match the original wood color, we're trying out the natural look. I kind of like how the wood buttons pop - it's funky.
Refinished chairs for our dining area
It's nice having a dining table in the home again, even if it is little. I think it's adorably tiny. Plus I feel way more adult not eating every single meal on the couch.


P.S. See another before & after when this vinyl chair gets a new paint job!

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August 29, 2016

56 places to visit in minneapolis

56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis, MN
I moved to Minneapolis about a year ago, & while there are areas that are unfamiliar to me, it definitely feels like home here. My brother & his wife are coming to visit soon (yay!), & I'm extremely excited to "show off" the new stomping grounds. I still feel like a tourist in my own city, but over the past year Heather & I have tried to do lots of new things - not to mention eat lots of good food - so I feel like we can do a decent job taking the fam around town. If you're new to Minneapolis or planning on coming over for a visit, here's some places to check out. There are a handful of places on the list I haven't visited yet, but are definitely scribbled on a list that hangs on the fridge!
56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis: Freewheel Bike, Mississippi River, Stone Arch Bridge, Midtown Greenway

1. Go pedal boating on one of the many lakes
2. Visit Minnehaha falls (even better in the winter)
4. Rent a Nice Ride bike to tour the city
5. After sight-seeing, bike the Midtown Greenway
6. Visit the Stone Arch Bridge
7. Take a stroll in Loring Park (make sure to visit the Dandelion Sculpture)
9. See the city from atop the Foshay tower
10. Ice skate at the Depot (winter only)
12. Play skyline mini golf at the Walker Museum
56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis: Chef Shack Ranch, Spoon & Stable, The Bachelor Farmer

11. Aster Cafe (best quiche in town)
12. The Bachelor Farmer (adore)
13. Birchwood Cafe (vegetarian biscuits & gravy whaa?)
14. LUSH (because of the endless mimosas!)
15. The Local (Irish delish - also a bar)


16. Chef Shack Ranch (also a food truck!)
17. World Street Kitchen (I have literally never had anything bad here)
18. Spoon & Stable ($$$, but so good)
19. Salsa a la Salsa (authentic Mexican food)
20. The Nicollet Diner (perfect if you're craving a milkshake at 3 in the morning)
21. Dancing Ganesha (hands down the best Indian food in the city)
22. Trieste Café (open during the week - right off the skyway. AMAZING FALAFEL)
23. The Hi-Lo Diner (haven't been yet, but Adele has, so it must be good. Right?)
56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis: Mill City Farmer's Parking, Loring Corners, North side of the river, Lake Harriet

24. Crafty Planet (STILL have yet to visit this adorable craft store what is wrong with me?)
25. Mill City Farmer's Market (Saturdays!)
26. The Herbivorous Butcher (vegan butcher - no lie)
27. Freewheel Bike (a bike shop / lunch spot that is literally on the Midtown Greenway!)
28. Find Furnish (they always have super cute furniture)
29. I like you (nifty gifts)
30. Patina (also cute gifts / stuff I need want)
31. Pharmacie (home goods, pretty things)
32. Askov Finlayson (men's apparel - also want)
56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis: The Bachelor Farmer Cafe, Peace Coffee, Spyhouse, One on One

33. Spyhouse (potentially the hippest coffee houses in town)
34 . The Bachelor Farmer Cafe (home of the most adorable tile work)
35 . Dunn Bros. (a local company - try the iced caramel macchiato)
36. One on One Bike Shop (get your bike fixed & have one of the best mochas in town)
37. Peace Coffee (convenient if you're downtown - you don't even have to leave the skyway)
38. Common Roots Cafe (their cold press is the best press)
56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis, MN: Brit's Pub, The Local, Salsa a la Salsa, Spoon & Stable

39. Brit's Pub (very British, very chill)
40. Rosa Mexicano (margaritas & endless guac)
41. Up-Down (on our "yet to go" list - arcade games & beer!)
42. Prohibition Bar at the Foshay tower (a speakeasy with some of the best views in town)
43. Spoon & Stable (I know - this is their second appearance on the list. I almost put them in the "brunch" section too! They can do no wrong)
44. Marin (had drink that tasted straight up like licorice)
45. Butcher & the Boar (lovely beer garden - dog friendly Mondays!)
56 Places to Visit in Minneapolis: Path to the Walker, Mill City Museum, Cherry on a Spoon, Bob Dylan Mural
| ART |

46. Browse paintings at the MIA
47. See the Cherry Spoon at the Walker Sculpture Garden
48. Visit Walker on the first Saturday of the month & get in for free
49. View the Bob Dylan mural off Hennepin
50. See contemporary work at MCAD
51. Pose in front of the quintessential Minneapolis mural at 515 1st Avenue
56 Places to Visit in MPLS: Bread & Pickle, Bogart's Doughnut Co., Milk Jam Creamery, Izzy's Ice Cream

52. Glam Doll Donuts (hands down the best donuts in town)
53. Milk Jam Creamery (ice cream & donut sandwiches whaaa?)
54. Bogart's Doughnut Co. (this is basically a list of donuts)
55. Angel Food (delish chocolate croissants)
56. Izzy's Ice Cream (yumm-o. They have mad waffle cone skills)

All the pictures are from Instagram, either the @wecanmakeanything feed, or Heather's account, @hbomb.mpls


August 26, 2016

life | links

Cold-brewed coffee
Instagram @wecanmakeanything | Twitter @wcmanything

It's happening. I can feel it. It's in the air. The cold, cold air. Anything over 85º has vanished from the weather report. All the pumpkin flavors are creeping back. Soon enough I'll be able to retrieve all my sweaters from storage. My coworkers are bemoaning the return of fall, but I'm feeling this meme so hard right now. Let's go, fall. I'm so ready.


I'm getting a haircut this weekend for the first time in almost a year. It's embarrassingly shaggy, & I'm so ready for that liberating post-haircut feeling. Plus, this weekend Heather & I will be finishing up some vintage chairs we're redoing that we bought a few weekends ago. If you follow me on Instagram, I'll probably be posting a sneak peek on my Story. Fair warning: I mostly post about my cat Donut on my Story. Isn't that what social media was made for anyways?



P.S. This chilly weather front has me itching to knit!
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