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August 26, 2016

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Cold-brewed coffee
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It's happening. I can feel it. It's in the air. The cold, cold air. Anything over 85º has vanished from the weather report. All the pumpkin flavors are creeping back. Soon enough I'll be able to retrieve all my sweaters from storage. My coworkers are bemoaning the return of fall, but I'm feeling this meme so hard right now. Let's go, fall. I'm so ready.


I'm getting a haircut this weekend for the first time in almost a year. It's embarrassingly shaggy, & I'm so ready for that liberating post-haircut feeling. Plus, this weekend Heather & I will be finishing up some vintage chairs we're redoing that we bought a few weekends ago. If you follow me on Instagram, I'll probably be posting a sneak peek on my Story. Fair warning: I mostly post about my cat Donut on my Story. Isn't that what social media was made for anyways?



P.S. This chilly weather front has me itching to knit!

August 22, 2016

diy coffee caddy

DIY Coffee Caddy: Coffee date for two - to go!
On Sunday mornings Heather & I have this little routine. I'll get up a little early & take a walk down to our local coffee house, then stroll back with two chocolate croissants & two coffees. Mine is a mocha, hers a caramel macchiato. Then I'll crawl back under the covers & we'll sip & be lazy until one of us convinces the other that we should probably do something productive. It's like a weekly coffee date we have.
DIY reusable coffee holder for two
I've been trying to figure out how to make a coffee carrier for a couple of weeks. Mostly on my walks back with two coffees in my hand, then while I'm juggling with my keys trying to get back in the building. Also, let's face it: you can't catch Pokémon & carry two lattes at the same time. Priorities, people. 
DIY Coffee Caddy: What you'll need
Here's what you'll need to make this carrier:
  • Wood glue
  • Balsa wood sticks, 1/4 inch diameter
  • Basswood, 1/16 inch width (I used 3 pieces of 4x9" wood)
  • Masking tape
  • A saw
  • Sand paper
  • Foam (I'm actually using a drywall sponge)
  • Hot glue gun
  • A drill
  • Wood stain &/or paint 
  • Cord or straps
DIY Coffee Caddy: Cut the wood
To start, cut down your wood pieces. You'll need:
  • Three pieces of 8x4" basswood (two long sides & bottom)
  • Three pieces of 3.75x4" basswood (two short sides & middle divider)
  • Eight sticks of 3.5" balsa wood (braces for corners)
If you have a table saw to cut these pieces, that would be best. A handsaw also works. I am going to come clean about something here. I used scissors. Yep, you read that right. I used a pair of scissors that I don't really care about & cut both the basswood & the balsa wood. It worked really well, but definitely dulled my scissors. If you have a pair of junk scissors I'd recommend that, but a saw works just as well. Sand rough edges.
DIY Coffee Caddy: Assemble the box
Assemble the box by taping on the outside. Put it together one piece at a time. Once all pieces are in place (with the divider piece in the middle), apply wood glue to each corner on the inside of the box. In each corner place a 3-inch stick of balsa wood to act as a brace. Let dry completely (overnight recommended).
DIY Coffee Caddy: Drill holes for straps
Once dry, drill four holes, one on each top corner of the long side. This is where you'll thread the caddy's straps. Sand as needed.
DIY Coffee Caddy: Espresso stain
Paint or stain the box. I picked an espresso stain for the outside with white paint on the inside. Let dry completely. 
DIY Coffee Caddy: Add foam for cushioning
Okay, now to the foam (or in my case, a sponge). Cut the foam into small rectangles, then hot glue in place to each corner of the box. The point of the foam is to hold each cup in place. I painted my foam white too, just so it wouldn't stand out so much. 

Feed straps through the holes drilled earlier, tying a knot on the inside. These straps were made out of vinyl, folded in half & sewn down the sides. Done!
Coffee on the go in this DIY
Coffee vibes
I tested my new caddy this weekend. Worked like a breeze. Caught at least five pidgeys.

Did you notice this is the second coffee-themed post in a row? Am I that tired??


P.S. How to make your own reusable coffee sleeves like the ones peeking in this post!

August 17, 2016

"but first, coffee" iphone wallpaper

Free iPhone wallpaper. But first, coffee!
You know those quizzes on Buzzfeed that ask weird questions & give you even weirder answers? Like you'll pick between a picture of a puppy in a sweater or a kitten in a sweater, & then they'll tell you what city you'll retire to (who even comes up with this stuff & where can I sign up? #dreamjob). Anyways, Heather takes these quizzes all the time, & the other night she was having me take one that was all about coffee. I don't remember the question exactly, but it was something like: "Pick a word that describes the perfect cup of coffee." The options were things like energizing, invigorating, or nourishing. I picked calming. Which I quickly realized was the opposite of what caffeine is supposed to do. Coffee = energy. The word "calm" is supposed to be associated with things like chamomile tea, or meditation, or petting fluffy cats.

But on further reflection, coffee is calming - for me anyway. It's my calming jam. It's the steadfast moment of my mornings. It's the delicious little guarantee of my day. I'm not a spiritual person, so the routine of that first cup is the closest thing I get to a ritual. I like it. I like that minute in the morning with my cuppa joe on my walk to work. It's my time. It's calm. 
Be amazing today. But first, coffee. Downloadable iPhone wallpaper.
Click here to download this wallpaper.

To use it, get on your phone & click the link above to open the wallpaper. Press down on the image until you're prompted to save it. Save & set as wallpaper!
Download this iPhone background. "Okay, but first - coffee."
What about you -what's your ritual? What's your steadfast moment in your day?


P.S. Express-o your love of coffee (& cats & cardigans) with this free sampler template.

August 15, 2016

too cool | back to school

Must haves for the new semester
I've been out of school for a hot minute now. In fact, it was when I graduated that I began blogging. I don't think I started blogging because I missed school, but rather that I needed something to fill the time that school took up. I think it's important for a happy mind to have multiple passions. As we get closer to the start of a new semester, I'm reminded of all the joys & stresses that came with being a student. All-nighters, last-minute deadlines, & flash cards for days. If I were going back to school this fall, here's all the cute stuff I'd get. From left to right:

1. s'ip water bottle | 2. sugar paper planner | 3. pencil case (by my boy berkus) | 4. pencils | 5. "oops" eraser | 6. weekender watch | 7. backpack (presh) | 8. instal-film camera (because college goes by in a flash)


P.S. Don't let your college budget get you down - decorate your dorm on the cheap with this DIY wall art.

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August 12, 2016

life | links

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Hello, Friday-loving folks. Welcome to the weekend. You made it!

I don't really have anything on my to-do list for the weekend. Not that there aren't things to do, but rather that I haven't written them down or thought about them. Which is a problem. I can't be alone in this: when I don't make an actual list of what I want to happen over the weekend, nothing happens over the weekend! To-do list, here I come. I know I need to start working on my wedding dress, but I'm feeling apprehensive. What if it turns out to be a total & utter disaster? I was lamenting to Heather about my anxiety over the situation, & she had the brilliant idea to make a "trial run." Basically use the pattern I have & make the dress out of muslin first to see if I even like the shape of it. She's a genius, & that's why I'm marrying her.


Heather & I have officially secured a reception space for our wedding after-party. Happiest of thoughts, collective sigh of relief. It feels really good to get the bigger tasks of wedding planning accomplished so attention can be given to the fun little details. I'm puffing about this like I had anything to do with it - Heather is our wedding-planner extraordinaire & did all the grunt work on this one. I just get to reap the benefits. 



P.S. Summer is almost over, but there's still time for some seasonal-inspired DIYs.
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